Existing tattoo.. rework or cover up

Hi all…

I got this tattoo on my left upper arm done 2 years ago (though wasn’t upto my expectations) and since filling wasnt done well, it was touched up a year ago..  

A year later, its looking bad already and this time i do not want a touch up but want to cover it up.


Spoke to a different artist who suggested few designs, that I wasn’t happy with and he rejected whatever design I took to his desk… I understand cover ups have limitations however I do not want to go for a design Im not happy with nor do I want to live with my existing one. Hence, I am looking for help. 


Please tell me what coverups are possible, keeping in mind the following points…

1. I do not want colors. I prefer to stick to black and grey tattoos.

2. I have seen thousands of designs on google and do not like the idea of filling up the entire area with color. A few years down the line when the tattoo starts ageing, i do not want it to look like a black patch on my skin… I prefer having a little of my skin revealed as highlights in the tattoo design (my skin tone is wheatish)

3. Is it possible to just touch up the crab and retain it and cover up only the sun and lettering around it? Or is it true that a cover up means everything in the existing design needs to be covered up?

4. Does the old tattoo show up after a few months on the new design as well?? (My existing tattoo is abt 1mm-2mm above the skin, maybe because of the touch up… It can be felt on the skin, so Im concerned if this will impact the new design)

5. I tried to design something simple around the existing one but was rejected by the artist that it cant be done… I dont kNow why… Is it really not possible and if yes, why? Then what is possible with the existing one while still having some skin revealed without filling up ink in the entire area?


I would appreciate any help extended towards me in this regard from experienced people… I am stuck and getting frustrated as anything I take to the artist seems to be rejected and what the guy suggests is not very appealing to me… 



My interests for tattoo design: 

Sun, Lotus (I dont like any other flowers), heart, anything with a spiritual meaning…