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Hey Ink-Trail’ers,

first of all let me say that i really enjoy the artwork posted on this forum. It really helps me to jugde where I am at the moment and where i have to improve.

Background(for those of you who are interested):

I started drawing when i was 7 years old but dropped art as a hooby when i turned 18 and sports, party, girls and bullsh*t became more relevant to me. Now I am 26 and trying to get back into drawing because i am really interested in tattooing (I got 2 fullsleeves and chest done on me over the last 5 years). My tattoo artist has offered me to show me some basics and the shopowner allowed me to come by as much as possible to watch them and ask questions, they even offered me to buy some equipment for me sadly the studio is full and has no space for an apprentice. I bought some good machines( Bavarian custom irons) and started to learn machine theory and practice on pig skin.

I really dont feel ready to go for an apprenticeship or tattoo real skin at the moment because of the lack of financiel reserves and not having a (good) portfolio, lacking art skills.

Now to my question:

I feel like my proportions are a bit off when drawing from my mind and I feel like pencil drawing might not be the ideal medium to practise artskills that could be transfered to tattooing later because it feels so different. I am learning color theorie to refresh my memories and experiment with many diferent mediums (charcole, graphite, Polychromus, and just baught some Pastels)

Could you tell me what should i practice the most? Is there a way to get better at overall proportions?

Maybe you could recommend me some things to study to improve faster?

My plans(for those who are interested):

I want to build a good portfolie over the next 12 Month and save up some cash to go for an apprenticeship. do a BBP course and get better at tattooing fundamentals.

I would really appreciate some help and hope this post is not too far off art to be posted here.

PS:I dont have a camera at the moment to show you some drawings but I will get one asap. My Smartphone is pretty old and the pictures look like mud on it.

My english is not the best but i hope you are able to understand me.

best regards


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