I got this tattoo last week in London. There appears to be blowout/blue tinted skin in the enclosed portion furthest right and other areas of it. I emailed  where I got it done (a refutable place) and they said to wait it out until the 3 week mark. Does this look like healing or blowout to you? Do you think it’d go away on its own or Is it treatable with laser if it’s blowout? I realize it’s minor but things like this bother me haha. I’ve attached pics. Im also wondering what you think the cause was, I have been careful but maybe not careful enough with clothes rubbing, etc? I read blowout is usually the artists fault. Also, above the om symbol, the dot has a blemish/ potential keloid on it and the ink is very faded. Im wondering if once the blemish is gone, the ink will reappear? It’s been a little over a week and this is my first tattoo. I’m really concerned it was my fault. 
thank you!!