Dating Ink the App – Valentines Day is For Tattoo Lovers

OK it’s Valentines Day so everyone ; panic and try to make dinner reservations at that super romantic restaurant for 7pm tonight, enjoy the hearty chuckle of the reservationist, allow panic to ensue – OR – schedule an evening of stay in movies and popcorn with your pals (I will NOT say Galentines I will NOT say Galentines) – OR – smugly hang back and bask in the glow of your ordered in advance flowers, pre purchased candy, and already filled out super thoughtful card – you organizer you.

Valentines Day can be a slog – I personally took it off my husbands “must” list out of pity many years ago and we are all happier for it. But if this onerous 14th is a drag for you because you are not coupled (I am secretly jealous on most days by the way…grass is always greener) check out this latest App – Yup it’s a dating app for people with tattoos and the people who love tattoos. Hatched by reality star Jemma Lucy of MTV Ex on the Beach fame check out  Unlike the Suicide Girls platform this is a direct access dating app.

According to Jemma, “The site is designed for daters with tattoos and those who find tattoos attractive.”  Jemma – who is an international model and is single herself, came up with the idea after a friend complained she couldn’t find a decent guy to date.  “The trouble with sites like Tinder (aside from the fact that is the ruin of society and all that is holy – TT words) is that you have to swipe through hundreds of profiles before you find someone with tattoos and it takes ages!  You just get bored and switch off.  When you join Dating Ink you know that you’re going to see loads of profiles of people with tattoos. You don’t need to have tattoos to use the site, you just have to love them! My mission is to bring tattoo lovers together!”

Of course I had to take a peek to see what the site looked like.  Here are a couple of users – (now go blow up their phone or poke them or whatever you kids say these days – fuck I’m old)

And that is just the tip of the iceberg people. According to Jemma’s press agent the site is now the #10 dating app in the UK and is rapidly gaining in popularity. Of course I wanted to ask Jemma about her own tattoo journey – she is a busy girl right now but found the time to answer a few questions for me.

dating ink

Jemma Lucy

Tattoo Tourist:  When did you get your first tattoo?  Any more planned for the future?

Jemma: I got my first tattoo when I was 14. I’m not a finished canvas at all, I’ve got ink planned for the rest of my life.

TT:  Do you only date tattooed folks? Any particular style of tattoos you really love? Any you can’t stand?

Jemma: No – I either like people who are covered or have no tattoos – I don’t really like the little ones in between. I hate tribal tattoos on anyone. (you and everyone else girlfriend) Ones that I like are ones that mean something or ones that are original, that they made themselves, instead of just copying everyone else, and copying the trends and footballers etc.

TT: Do you think tattooed people have more in common with one another or do you think it is more of an attraction thing?

Jemma: I definitely think tattooed people have more in common with each other.  Not just because of the way they look, but they obviously also think similarly to think that it’s not a bad thing to put tattoos on your body.  It is a way of expressing yourself, and so you express yourself in a similar way.  I don’t think it’s just about attraction to the way they look.


So there you have it. Hope for the lonely, the curious, the tattooed.  Dating Ink might be your chance to be lucky in love with someone who shares your passion for ink and apps.  Hopefully this will lead to my idea of a reality show where would be bachelors and bachelorette are forced to live in a mansion and tattoo each other until they find their perfect soul mate.  Maybe. Still working out the details….

And it wouldn’t be Valentines Day with a few romance themed tattoos would it?

dating ink dating ink dating ink



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