dropping the ball

Here’s a part of a sleeve from a few months ago. The rest of it’s posted in the paid members’ area; but this pic is a good example of losing focus during a long session and missing a glaringly unfinished portion of the tattoo. 

The strands of highlighted hair framing the left of her face are totally unfinished. The long strand has several check marks from the lines that meet it – which would have taken only one line to cover.  I also changed my mind about the strand that curves outward towards the highlighted edge of the cowl. I threw a few quick shading passes over it to cut it off and push it back into shadow with the rest of the hair – but never finished it to the point of losing the shape of the continued arc.   I could’ve spent another five minutes on this and had a satisfactory tattoo, rather than this mistake that this guy walked around with for a month


DSCN3281 copy.jpg

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