Four Really Interesting Wedding Tattoo Options!

Weddings are special and what if we told you that a stylish tattoo would make your special occasion a life-long memory. After all, you get to flaunt a design that is unique and permanent as well. This kind of makes it your signature style for the wedding, doesn’t it? Getting a wedding tattoo design is a concept that is catching up with the young couples tying the knot. From flaunting their love to getting a unique design that represents their marriage, couples are gradually falling in love with the idea of wedding sticker designs. While there are many options available under the category of wedding tattoo designs, you have to be careful in choosing the one that best suits your style as a couple. You can use the internet to do your research when it comes to looking for awesome designs.

Here are a few examples of some really awesome wedding sticker designs that are trending these days.

Wedding rings: Weddings are incomplete without exchanging rings, aren’t they? Inspired from this concept, the wedding ring sticker design is a permanent mark on your wedding finger. Also, the best part is that you can opt for a simple band or a complicated design, without spending too much money. Additionally, remember that it is important to choose a design that matches your partner’s style as well.

Partner’s name: This is more of a recent fad where the couple gets the name of his or her partner tattooed as the design on the body. It seems very romantic initially. But, the biggest disadvantage of such tattoo designs is that in case of break-up or divorce, it becomes really difficult to hide the design until you can get rid of it.

Customized design: For couples who are willing to spend, the customized tattoo design option can be an excellent choice. All you have to do is walk into a reputed tattoo designing studio with your partner and the designer will work out the details. Depending on your requirements, the designer will create a tattoo design that is unique and exclusively for the couple.

The Henna tattoo: For those who are not sure about getting permanently inked, the henna tattoos are their best bet. Popularly used in Indian weddings, henna tattoos are crimson gold in colour and therefore add an altogether different feel to the wedding. However, these tattoos are most likely to be washed off within a few days of the wedding.