Hyb's General Work Thread

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Forum is back, yay! Figured I’d just start a collective thread for my work. Please C&C, I need all the advice I can get smile.png.

Recently got back into painting a bit, it honestly takes me a ton of time though. I have a hard time with the blends because I tend to feather the black out too much I think. To get a smooth blend takes a ton of time for me and it just makes me want to change up the medium. I feel like I would produce work much quicker if I was just using color pencils, but I don’t want to start giving up yet since I think a painted portfolio looks more impressive. The piece I’m starting this thread off with took like 2 days to paint (close to 20 hours), although it’s only around a5 size or so. I still need to finish off the other one.

I feel like I can somewhat do hair now though.


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