Ink mottling on new tattoo, advice needed!

Hi all,

I recently got a sleeve started, it’s now 2 weeks since first session and I have noticed a couple places where the ink has started to move strangely, and splotched out of the lines. It only started doing this a week or so after tattooing.

It doesn’t look like what I understand to be blowout – I’d really like to know if anyone has any ideas what could cause this kind of mottling around new ink.

I thought I was looking after it really well, only touched it to wash and put tattoo aftercare product on. Kept it clingfilmed 4 or 5 days, no sign of any infection or anything, it seems to all be healing really well except for this. Would like to avoid it spreading or happening again when I get my next session done if possible, so any advice would be really appreciated, thanks everyone.

Pics linked below!

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