Lyme Warrior – A Tattoo Fueled Month of Support

lyme warrior

Founder of Lyme Warrior Lauren Lovejoy

Lyme Warrior and its important mission to help end Lyme Disease came to my attention last month. Founder Lauren Lovejoy (may I please steal your name?) created Lyme Warrior after being diagnosed with lyme disease and discovering how scant information, support, and research funds were.  Rather than take it lying down – which a sufferer of lyme can tell you is about all you have the energy for – Lauren decided to help raise awareness and resources to assist people like herself – individuals struggling with this misunderstood and under researched illness.

In addition to being a dedicated crusader for lyme sufferers and a bringer of hope and connection to those that are struggling and feel isolated by this terrible illness – Lauren also happens to be a tattoo collector of the highest order.  With Russ Abbott as her “go to guy” you know she is not screwing around when it comes to collecting top-notch ink.  Laurens love of tattoos collided with her desire to reach out to lyme sufferers and has resulted in a unique and amazing way to help raise awareness and resources – Ink to End Lime

During February, 30 shops and counting will host a day of awareness to raise funds for Lyme Disease. Artists from Ink Master contestants like Kelly Doty, Best Ink winner Teresa Sharpe and The Unkindness Team and more big names like Timmy B , Jesse Smith, and Geary Morrill (a fellow lyme activist) as well as local shops – are all joining Lyme Warrior to help make things change. Contributions will go toward research for a cure. People can get involved at local shops or join Lyme Warrior online. Each shop will be hosting their own event and raffling off a motorcycle and gift certificates with funds going towards research.
lyme warrior
Each participating artist and/or shop will contribute in different ways. Some shops will offer specific flash with proceeds going to Lyme Warrior. Some shops will be selling special merch. Some shops will have raffles and other cool things happening to support this important cause. Lauren Lovejoy has asked the tattoo community to rally and they are rising to the occasion in a major way.
lyme warrior
Think that the science and medical community are on the job?  Think again. Lyme is misdiagnosed, under-diagnosed, under researched and underfunded and it is one of the most misunderstood illnesses around. Symptoms are varied, the effect on one’s life is profound, insurance doesn’t cover treatment, some say lyme is a not an actual disease. Even spell check can’t decide if “lyme” is a “real” word or not.
Lyme is in all 50 states. Get informed!  
Curious about what is happening in your area? Check out the home page interactive map and lists of artists
Want to get involved but there is not a participating shop near you?  Buy a raffle ticket or donate
Not sure what lyme disease is? Start here
See more videos about lyme and the people living with it and determined to fight it here
Let’s band together as activists, artists, supporters, and warriors and help learn how to control and eventually eradicate this terrible disease. Get informed. Get involved. Support Lyme Warrior TODAY!


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