Sabstar Portfolio Thread

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Figured I’d make a thread starting with some of my more updated work as I haven’t posted on here in ages.

I’ve been apprenticing for a year now. Picked up a machine for the first time 7 months ago and started tattooing real skin about 4/5 months ago. It’s seems like it’s going mega quick but my mentor has my trust and I’m getting more and more confident, especially when I’m able to do a nice neotrad piece. smile.png It’s mostly just friends, their friends and the occasional walk in or small predrawn currently. I’m nowhere near the standard I want to be yet but I’m getting there every day.

Anyway I’ll post up some work. Both tattoos and flash.

My instagram is @sabstars and I also have a Facebook tattoo profile (Sabstar Tattoo).

Thank You! Don’t rip me apart too much </3








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