Sorry Mom is an International company that has created a line of…

Sorry Mom is an International company that has created a line of Lifestyle tattoo aftercare products and a Professional collection for tattoo application. These products are of supreme quality and ensure you get the best results out of your tattoo experience, whether you’re the tattooer or client.

I am very excited to announce that Sorry Mom is now available for purchase for both wholesale and retail interests in the Americas and equally happy to announce my role as Partner and Co-Owner of Sorry Mom USA.

I was so impressed by the product when I first used it for healing my own tattoos, around 3 years ago, that I was eager to try the professional line for use in tattoo application. After sharing it with other trusted tattooers, they confirmed my findings and the verdict made it clear these products needed to be available in the US. So I have been working closely with Sorry Mom for the last year to make that happen.

I stand behind the quality of Sorry Mom products and ethics of the company 100%.

I look forward to the future and the rad new products that we are working to release later this year.

Check out our web store and use the promo code CHAMBERS for a 10% discount.

Everyone ordering a Sorry Mom Aftercare Kit is also joining the contest to win a day session tattoo with me PLUS a years supply of Sorry Mom products. Coupon code “CHAMBERS”

Myke Chambers


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