Tattoo Convention in St. Louis – NOT to be missed!

Tattoo convention in St. Louis!

Tattoo conventions are happening all the time all over the world. What used to be a rare occasion mainly for die-hard tattoo fans and a select handful of working artists, has morphed into an industry unto itself with over 700 tattoo events happening in 2016 alone. Conventions are a great way to check out your favorite artists, rubber neck people getting tattooed, discover new artists, and generally marvel at other tattoo collectors ink. Of course not all tattoo conventions are the same. Some are  geared towards “tattoo lifestyle” with classic car shows, pin-up girl contests, and tattooing as part of the mix but not the primary focus.  Other shows are favorites of serious collectors and the artists who work with them and have become industry standards for some of the top names in the business.

tattoo convention

Frankfurt Tattoo Convention – image by Heartbeatink Magazine


Tent pole shows like Hell City, Motor City Expo , and Evian Tattoo Show – to name a bare few – consistently attract amazing artists and deliver the goods for serious tattoo collectors and fans. These are my kind of shows – heavy on tattooing and light on karaoke and wet t-shirt contests – so I was pretty excited to see a brand new tattoo convention  announced this year. Tattoo The Lou is the brainchild of LT Woods  – a native Missourian who is excited to bring world-class tattoo talent to his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.

tattoo convention

“After years of traveling and meeting thousands of artists around the world, LT Woods, a native Missourian wanted to give back to his home and to enrich his city with some of the world-renowned artist he met along the way. This is a local show with talent from all over!

Our mission is to bring the highest standards in the tattooing together to give you an opportunity to experience tattoo culture at its finest.”

Tattoo the Lou website

tattoo the lou

So maybe you are thinking what I’m thinking – St. Louis , huh?  Isn’t that the place with the giant silver thingey and…..Huck Finn maybe? The answer is yes and yes – but St. Louis has so much more to offer than touristy vistas and essay question answers! Check out this fun list then check out the attending artist list…so far.. for Tattoo the Lou and prepare to be very impressed.

Heavy hitters like Teresa Sharpe, Timmy B, Kelly Doty, Nathan Evans, Russ Abbott, Erin Chance and the even the elusive Jeff Gogue are attending and the list goes on and on with major top-tier talent.  Sure it’s not til May 18-20th 2018 but I am already planning ahead for what is shaping up to be a must attend show for serious artists and collectors alike. Now all LT Woods needs to do is come up with a massively cool Tattoo of the Day Trophy and it will be perfect!

See you in St. Louis in 2018!

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