Tattoo Design Option for Weddings!

Getting married is one of the most treasured memories of your life time, isn’t it? You take paramount efforts to ensure that everything is in order. From the apparel to the jewellery as well as the coveted wedding ring, the couple does not hesitate to walk the extra mile when it comes to planning their D day. Tattoos are an excellent way for couples to add a special signature to this occasion. From the several types of tattoo designs available in the market, you can easily choose a version most compatible with your style. In fact, if you don’t like what’s on display, create your own design working in tandem with your partner. However, an important thing to remember is that whatever you choose has to be in accordance to the liking of your partner as well.

After all, both of you will be carrying the same design.

Here are few interesting options for wedding tattoo designs

The classic wedding ring: How many times has your partner made you go wedding ring shopping just because the two of you can’t find something of your liking? Instead, why not opt for a tattooed ring. Yes! You and your partner can get exactly the same rings and that too without spending too much money. What’s more is that this design will be permanent.

Ace of spades: Ideal for couples who don’t want fancy designs, the ace of spades is inspired from the playing cards. In spite of being simple, this design manages to catch the eye and please your partner as well.

3D tattoos: 3D tattoo designs are gradually becoming very popular thanks to their uniqueness. Impressive designs, creativity and detailing, is what makes these tattoos stand apart. You can opt for a design of your choice as well as the area where you want the tattoo.

Ink your partner’s initial’s: This is a common choice where you can opt for a tattoo that carries the initials of your partner’s name. It may sound simple but it is a very beautiful gesture to express your love for your partner. You can opt for more creativity by choosing a really stylish font to write the letter.

Complementing designs: Divide your chosen design into two halves and accordingly get yourself inked with one part. Let your partner have the other part of the design. This way, the two of you together will complete the design making it exemplify the beauty of your bond.