Week 140 – How About Snakes?

Original article can be found here. http://forum.ink-trails.com/index.php?/topic/25093-week-140-how-about-snakes/

How About Snakes?

1:- Original Art ONLY

2:- Each member may submit only ONE entry per weekly contest

2:- Pencil, Pen, Ink, Crayon, Paints, watercolor etc…

3:- No Digital or Photoshop (unless your cropping or making it a smaller size)

4:- Deadline is Sunday 10th of February .

5:- Art must be “Tattooable.”

6:- Nothing you drew a month ago is allowed, must be Original/New stuff from every contestant

7:- If you feel the need to Prove your work, please provide evidence of this. (entirely up to you)

8:- NO High Jacking of the weekly thread what so ever!!

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