Week 142: Contest From The Newb

Ok so.. This category REALLY fits into what I have been looking to do recently and really fits why I even joined this site. If I am in the wrong for posting here or have broken a rule, please at least read on and direct me correctly.. Or join in. If you read the last portion you MIGHT just want to join in.

The ‘elements’ of this contest are (not good with words it seems today..)




Viking/Nordic warrior

The ‘flavor’ should be:


Back story real quick like: I am deployed in Afghanistan and will be returning home in the next few month. I am virgin skinned and have been wanting to get a tattoo, and have thought long and hard as to what I might want. I know as a person I will be constantly changing throughout life, and want to make sure I get something I can always connect with, will always be proud to show, and will never get tired of. The Lion is my Astro sign. Although I do not put much stock in that Astrology stuff, I have always fealt a deep connection to lions; their pride and majestic-ness. Snake is my Chinese sign, and again not much stock in that stuff, but physically I am quite slippery, can be very devious, and can strike with great speed (physically and mentally). Fire is my ‘element’, and again I might not put stock in such things, but again fire does soother my soul, and constantly fascinates me with its intensity and strength. The Viking/Nordic warrior comes directly from my inner self. I have ALWAYS felt the pull of the warriors spirit, and believe that had I lived in Ancient times, I just might have been one bad m-efer. Celtic, Irish, and Nordic style tattoo have always drawn me for their great detail and how they standout. I helps that I am pretty much full blooded Irish (unfortunately got a little German in me…or fortunately? We’ll never know.).

While there will be the normal judging from the members as to which comes out best, there will also be a second contest. Whichever one I like the best, will not only win a $ prize, but also get the great honor of popping a we lads virgin skin cherry, as I will make great efforts to come to YOUR studio and PAY (this on top of the contest winnings) you to do this tattoo. If this is not doable (You do not have materials/licenses/don’t like my breath) I will still give you the contest winnings, but then politely ask if I could use the original artwork at a tattoo studio, in which I will ask your advice to use. I don’t want to do this though as it would seem to me to be rather insulting to take someones artwork and ask someone else to put it on me.

What is the prize money you say?

200$ 1st

50$ runner up

50$ runner up

To be paid Pay-pal.

P.S. I know these things usually last a week, but with approval from members and mods, I think more time might be needed especially with the complexity of what has been asked for.

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