What is this Tattoo Style called??

Might be a silly question but I am searching for tattoo artists that do similar styles to this and I don’t even know if I am searching the right terms. 

You will probably have seen the work but I refer to it as ‘sketch’ style – The ones below are done by Inez Janiak (@ineepine on insta) and her work I find is absolutely incredible. So currently, I am searching for ‘sketch style artists’ 

I had a large back piece done with this sort of style in mind but I am not sure the artist quite translated what I imagined and what he first drew on my back to the final product, which is fine and I accept it as I don’t consider it to look ridiculous nor am I embarrassed by it, in fact far from that. I just want to find another artist who is good at the below sort of style so I can see if they can re-work it. Also if anyone has any recommendations for artists that would be spot on.