Why are my lines so thin?

First off, this looks like GARBAGE. Literally. Is it dumb? More then likely but I don’t care. I am not trying to take away from professional artist or anything like that. But my brother who is an artist (literally sells art and teaches at a high school) loves tattooing and I do also. I also know this doesn’t mean he can tattoo. It’s just something we love. So for a present for Christmas I bought him a tattoo gun and I said practice on fake skin, oranges, bananas or whatever and then In a couple months I’ll let you put something on me that can’t be seen. So we did lol. And it’s terrible. And I know that. We followed great hygienic protocol and everything and so I came home from college and we picked out a pretty simple design that was cool and we done it. We used a 5 round liner and the power supply on about 50%. This was done with a coil machine btw. And the lines were so freaking thin. As you see. And then pain? Ridiculous! I don’t know if it is cause it was on my thigh or what. I have a tattoo by a professional and it is excellent. I get compliments on it all the time so I know what it should feel like. And this one hurt. (my “real” tattoo is on my shoulder). Does anybody have any suggestions? Other then telling me I’m a dumb ass which I already know but it is okay. This is just for me and my brother to enjoy something. We aren’t doing this as a business or anything like that. Strictly enjoyment. We also switched to a magnum to try and get a thicker line but that kind of failed. And once again, I know it looks like shit. But I don’t care because it is done by him and we both enjoy it. Also the red dots are razor burn. I am keeping stuff on it and making sure it is clean. And if it does get infected then I’ll go to the doctor and get an antibiotic. But try to answer the line question and not just tell me how shitty/dumb this is.